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***** Vacations Stay Sun in the Centro of Roma Papalis to "Terrazzo Gabrielli" !!


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Size is called Adriana (Hadrianeum) the huge roman monument, of complex structure, situated near the skillful river of the Tevere, in dominant position. E' same Adrian Emperor who, in the 135 d.C., three years before dying, wanted a new one sepolcro for if and its families, in alternative to the Mausoleo di Augusto where not there is more space for interments. It designs the structure and ago to construct, in horti of Domizia in the Hill the Vatican, from Demetriano architect in order to make of its tomba, will come ended in year 139 from Antonino Pio.In the mausoleo came buried all the emperors from Adrian to Caracalla. E' constituted from a great square base of 89 meters of side and high 15 on which a cylindrical body of 64 meters of diameter and 21 of height, travertino and lava stone was risen, sormontato from a tumolo of earth with pinte funerarie, between one crown of statues, and to the center one statue of the representing Emperor the Sun that guides one quadriga in bronze.



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