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Trough the climb “Walk of the Gianicolo”, can be admired a beautifulst panorama of Rome and be noticed the places great part of which already it visits to you. It is continued until catching up the beacon, donated to Rome from the e'migre's in Argentine. The evening the beacon projected makes us of tricolour light. From the feet of the beacon the panoramic sight can once again be admired on Rome: on the left the Cupola of S. Peter, Castel S. Angel, the palace of Justice with rear Prati quarter, S. Giovanni of the Fiorentini. In second slowly the great green spot of Bourgeois Villa, of the Medical Pincio and villa, with the Academy of France and Trinità of Mounts. More to right the turret of Montecitorio with the clock: in the same direction the quarters Salario and Pinciano are outlined on the bottom. Low, to on this side the Tevere, the jail of Regina Coeli; more in here, Palazzo Farnese, with the three arched of the leggetta posterior, the bell tower to spiral of the Wisdom, the cupola of the Pantheon and the Quirinale. Towards right S. Andrea of more far away Goes them and the two cupolas and the bell tower of S. Greater Maria, the tower of the Military services, the Victorian, the tower of the Campidoglio, the church of S. Maria in Aracoeli, the cover of the Sinagoga; in bottom the Viminale and behind of the statues of the facade of S. Giovanni in Leterano. They are raised to right Palatino and Aventino and, in the background, the Albani Necks.
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