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to) Via dei Gabrielli: in memory of the nobleman and ancient roman Family (already Gabrielli of the Rule (Rione) that it has possessed for approximately 200 years fine the 1900 (Family extinguished in 1888) widening and abellendo puts into effect it them PalazzoTaverna, already Orsini. Photo Via of the Gabrielli and income (hour secondary) but a time was the income of the Orsini (branch of Pitigliano) (on the background). Photo controcampo: of the same one via with the background of the Church of S.Salvatore in Lauro and public square omonima.
Via of the Gabrielli it is to 150 m. from the left river of the Tevere and it is long hardly 40 m. , it is not other that the income of service of Palazzo Taverna and follows the numeration of Via of the Coronary ones, in fact it finds between the 90 and the 94, opposite s.Salvatore Piazza in Lauro to approximately half of the aforesaid one via. Transports All the buses that carry to S.Pietro, Castel S.Angelo, Piazza Navona are distant from 50 to 300 m. Bus 64 is one of these and leaves from the Termini.Il Station parking is difficult also on close Lungotevere and to payment; but those basements of the Gianicolo to 500 m can be used. and of Bourgeois Villa to 2 km. also for long pauses with appropriate rate, let alone some neighbors. TAXI: 8822 and 3570 etc
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